Process: UX Research  /  Sketching /  Workflow Analysis/  Wireframing /  User Interface design  /  Prototypes  /  User Testing

Objective: Increase demo to store conversions by presenting a step by step "Getting Started" guide immediately upon sign up.

User onboarding on the Volusion platform was non-existent. The "Getting Started" steps to guide the user were buried in the application and wasn't discoverable enough for the user as there was only a small link available from the dashboard. The users landed on a dashboard with fake data that cluttered their view and most never noticed "Getting started" steps. The design was also outdated and very image heavy, which made the important actions disappear in the crowd. See Before image. The solution was a phased approach. Initial phase included simplifying the steps. The steps are presented in a list format with action buttons that link to the corresponding areas of the application. This approach resulted in a higher rate of task completion and a 33% lift in demo to store conversions. The second approach is to add interactivity to the steps, which will be implemented later.