Process: User Research  /  Sketches /  Workflow Analysis /  Wireframes /  UI design  /  Prototype/  User Testing

Objective: Increase payments application completion rates and consequently the merchant services revenue. 

The old payments application had 7 pages with no progress indicator and tons of fields, most of which were unnecessary for the application process or redundant. The flow of the application was confusing, the fields did not have validation and the information entered was not being retained preventing the user from going back to the previous pages while filling out the form. In addition, the UI design was outdated and did not match the modern styles on the corporate site. See Before.

The new application is reduced to 3 pages with a progress indicator at the top. The form fields have validation and clearly indicate the formatting required. The UI design is much cleaner, labels clearly align with the input fields, margins and gutters are wide enough to give the application a light feel, and the buttons only become active if all the information is correctly entered on the page. 

Form   Creditcard Processing   VMS Application   Volusion.png
Form   Creditcard Processing   VMS Application   Volusion2.png